AI is both over and under hyped.

Some people think #AI is overhyped and that AI products are going to crash hard.

  1. AI predictions are overhyped. Especially anyone that thinks AGI is around the corner. It’s not.
  2. AI capabilities today are under-hyped when it comes to how many jobs are going to be displaced.

Knowledge workers, developers, lawyers, etc will learn to work with AI or lose jobs. That’s already happening. Just ask the Hollywood writers.

We’re on the cusp of developing new ways to work with this alternative form of intelligence. There will be a lot of displacement as companies figure out what that means, but the surface has only been scratched to date.

I’ve talked to a lot of small startup founders and ALL OF THEM have already figured out a way to save money with AI (replace cheap knowledge work) or expand their product (add-ons that help customers inside the service).

This isn’t going to stop. They’re just starting and the trends are going to hit big companies soon.

Am I biassed because I’m developing

Sure. It could flop. But worst case I’ll be figuring out what the new work models are and how to work better with the new tools AI put’s in your backpack.

Josh Ledgard @joshl