No one wants to put in the real work

Consider ignoring this old man as he yells at his lawn…

Does anyone have any magic bullets to sell people? That would be way easier. I imagine email service providers get this:

Customer: Hey - why don’t people open my emails. How can you fix your service?

ESP: Here are some tips on writing better subject lines, pruning your list, and ideas you could use to engage your audience.

C: Yes - but what if you switched servers for me?

ESP: We could do that, but it’s not why people aren’t opening your emails. Mind sharing an example email you don’t think performed.

C: <Sends over a terrible email that’s just shouting at their customers about a sale>

ESP: Here’s a better way to approach that instead (sends good examples)

C: Sure - but what if we switched email templates instead with the same copy? I think the email template is bad and that it is causing the performance issues.

No one wants to do the work. Learn something. Try new things. Talk to customers. Find out what copy works. etc.

which is why Chat GPT (and alike) will be better than most people at tasks that should be core competencies.

Josh Ledgard @joshl