Draft script for kickofflabs home page video - feedback welcome

Ok - I’m more than a couple hours into this. I do product demos all the time, but condensing it down to a single < 5 (and ideally less than 3) minute home page video is time-consuming.

What do you think about what I have so far?

KickoffLabs is an amazing audience growth platform that supports you and scales with your company.

Here are just a few examples of how we help customers every day.

B to C companies run bonus entry sweepstakes that turn existing customers into influencers with fun giveaways and contest marketing encouraging referrals.

Startups and established brands build excitement around new product launches with Kickofflabs using viral waitlists where leads move up in line for early access with updated mechanics based on the launch of Robinhood.

Milestone reward campaigns were made popular by the launch of Harry’s razor. Still, the basic psychology works for growing almost any list where by customers can unlock rewards for reaching referral counts or total points earned through contest actions like following, liking or promoting your content online.

You can also use KickoffLabs for: Every day lead capture forms with optional coupon or digital download delivery. Learning more about your customers with a voting competition or asking them questions.

Finally, there campaigns designed for growing specific social channels or verticals, like Kickstarter launches and subscription boxes.

As a platform, Kickofflabs is flexible for your brand. You can customize the scoring mechanics for referrals, points earned through contest actions, both referrals & points, or no scoring for just basic lead capture.

We have a library of over 50 contest actions, can track purchases made, and even reward custom events from your site or application, like taking a survey or attending a demo.

You can run the campaign with our drag-and-drop landing page templates, pop-ups, and page embeds, or even just use our campaign Script or API to turn Any existing form into an engagement opportunity with 100% your own designs… even if it was built on another landing page service!

In Addition To Platform Flexibility

Every campaign is mobile responsive. We can store your leads as a lightweight CRM You get insights into how referrals are going and what actions your leads take Leads can be sent emails on signup or scoring milestones We can ensure the leads you collect are valid with multiple levels of automatic fraud detection mechanisms, like ensuring unique IP addresses, captcha, email, and phone number verifications.

KickoffLabs is supported and scalable. Any good technology will be copied, but our goal is to support you through the process with professional 1:1 onboarding and proven scale to meet the needs of fortune 500 companies if that sounds like something you need.

Signup for a free account now and kick the tires. We don’t require a credit card to get started. You can also learn more on our site at KickoffLabs.com.

Josh Ledgard @joshl