Quick Thoughts on Tesla

A few thoughts on Tesla now that I’ve transitioned from “The Bird Site”.

  1. This Model Y is the best car I’ve ever owned. Seriously. There are talented people that work there and they are building some of the best EV experiences available today. I love the interior minimalism, the rethinking of the car as updatable software, dog mode, ease of charging, etc.
  2. As a former tesla shareholder I worry this is the peak because..
  • They will lose the Supercharging advantage eventually.
  • They have already lost the 1st mover advantage. The competition is catching up.
  • The CEO seems more interested in right wing activism than shipping new products. ( Rivian > Cybertruck, No < $30k offering, etc. )
  • No amount of software will truly enable Full Self Drive anytime soon. I’ve been on the beta and it’s not close to handling anything complicated like city driving. It likely requires new hardware + software updates. I never would have guessed AI could paint and write creative stories before it could drive… but here we are.

Kudos to Elon and the team where it’s due. They created some amazing cars and figured out how to scale up production in a way others have struggled.

But it’s hard to look at the future and see how they will keep their advantages. I’m working on some future fun posts for “if I ran it” and Tesla is on my list.

Josh Ledgard @joshl